Informatics & Business

bi’t Project (TÜBİTAK 1512)

Old-fashioned printed calendars, notebooks and spreadsheets are still popular tools for time management, despite the advances of the Digital Era. Moreover, finding nearby events, movies, plays, stage arts, concerts, university activities requires excessive amount of effort including visiting lots of web sites, following non-notifying Facebook pages, and using multiple apps.

bi’t is a comprehensive time management tool working on mobile and web. It incorporates standard calendar functions, weekly schedules for better routine control and self-development features, course and term modules, note-taking, to-do keeping, and art archiving.

bi’t is also a geo-local timely content platform, listing all nearby events with a calendar display. Users can filter them with respect to type, organizer, genre, etc.

AI engine working in the background exploits user interactions with contents as most of the smart systems do. However, making use of calendar interactions brings a distinctive way of tailoring content, as the timestyle of user and free times in her schedule are determined. These inferences can also be employed in adapting UI modules for each individual user, and identifying better timespans for holidays, travels, business events and projects.

Initial segment of end users will be university students, who will use uni-cal for free. On the B2B side, our platform will focus on cultural events. Producers/distributors of any size will be able to display their contents for free or feature their contents (by setting as concert-of-the-weekend, movie-of-the-month, etc.) and provide ticket links with content-specific payments.


Course Projects
  • Technology Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups / Generating a business model for an app
  • Mobile and Pervasive Computing (IoT) / Development of a bluetooth-interactive calendar app
  • Human Computer Interaction / A usability study of Google Calendar
  • Information Systems Project / Development of a web-based social event calendar
  • Database Concepts and Applications / Designing a social platform for travelers
  • Security Engineering
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Understanding Consumption in Context / The analysis of practices & motivations in the use of digital calendars
  • Human Resources Management / The internal analysis of METU Technopark HR
  • Operations Management / An internal product-line analysis and improvement of Beko Dishwasher Factory
  • Marketing Management / An external analysis and improvement of Eti Karam brand
  • Brand Management / An external analysis of Toyota brand throughout the global recalls
  • Strategic Management / Business Strategy Game: 1st rank in the global game, twice in ten weeks
  • Organization and Management / The analysis of METU Turkish Folklore Club management structure
  • Management Science / Labor force management for a hydroelectric power plant project
  • Business Economics / A short review of Turkish advertising sector
  • Business Statistics
  • Decision Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting